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  The Team that Works For You!  

It pays to have a team working for you when it comes to creating a stress-free, fun vacation experience.

You are probably not aware that Dream Vacations is owned by World Travel Holdings. Yes, I am a locally owned, independent franchisee but being affiliated with the WTH team has some great benefits.

World Travel Holdings is the world’s largest cruise agency and award-winning leisure travel company and owns some of the world’s largest travel brands distributing cruises, villas, hotels, resort vacations and luxury travel services including Dream Vacations.

The benefit to you is WTH leverages its ability to sell products in order to get industry leading pricing and special offers, which I get to pass along to you as a customer of Dream Vacations!

One of those special offers is something called Risk Inventory. WTH guarantees that they will sell a certain number of cabins on select sailings in order to get a reduced price for our customers. The risk is that if those cabins don’t get sold, WTH has to pay the cruise line for those cabins anyway.

WTH has risk inventory on Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity and now Carnival! It’s not on every sailing but if it happens to be on a sailing you are interested in, it can result in substantial savings to you!

Here is an additional Exclusive offer from Norwegian Cruise Line!

Get up to $100 onboard spending money when you book a 6 day or longer cruise!


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