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  Are You Going on a Vacation or Going on a Booking?  

When I am meeting with a group, I like to ask how many people have used a travel agent. Typically, I only see a few hands go up. When I redefine what a travel agency is, most everyone raises their hand.

Most people don’t realize that unless they are booking directly with a hotel site or an airline or a cruise line, they are working with some form of a travel agency. It might be an online travel agency but it is an agency none the less.

These online agencies do a pretty good job of never letting you know you are working with an agency. Where they slip up is using the term “booking.” The real question is, what is a booking?

In the travel industry, a booking is a single component of a vacation. If I am working with a client, I am doing several bookings. I book an airline ticket, a resort room, maybe even a rental car. When I work with a client, I assist them in creating a vacation, not a booking.

Let’s face it, people go on vacations, they don’t go on bookings. A vacation is an experience. A booking is a transaction. A vacation encompasses many steps that need to be packaged together.

Usually, there is one large component (a destination, a resort, a cruise) but there are so many other parts of a trip that need to be assembled. Unless you live in your destination, you have to get there. If you are flying, you have to get from the airport to the cruise or hotel. Once you are there, you need to think about what is going to fill your time. Of course, we all have to come back to reality and find our way back home.

That is really where my expertise comes in. I help people pull all those components together. I have partners I work with on every component of your vacation. The great news is, I can pull from all of these partners to build a unique vacation, tailored to your needs! You just need to know what kind of experience you want to have and let me go to work putting the pieces together.

In the travel industry, there is a lot of talk about the term agency. Based on my experience talking to consumers, the word “agency” really doesn’t mean anything. I have moved to using the term travel specialist or travel consultant. Those are terms I think customers understand.

No matter what you want to call me, just remember. If you are thinking of a vacation, I am here to help pull all the pieces together, find the experience you are looking for and be your advocate resolving any issues that might come up. Together we can turn your vacation dreams into a Dream Vacation!

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